Author Topic: Certain Facts about Benin History  (Read 1523 times)


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Certain Facts about Benin History
« on: September 10, 2019, 09:45:35 AM »
Dear Niawu Osahon and the Edo community in diaspora.

I'm a Benin American and very proud of Benin History especially certain information found about the Benins such as;

1-The First Europeans being thrilled about how beautiful Benin city was and compared it to Europe in terms of class, style and standard when the first arrived.

2- Mental lamps were lighted on every streets were structures and palms were used to generate electricity as a sign of great scientific skills before the arrival of the Europeans.

3- Greatest bronzes and Palace with bronze, gold, beautiful artifacts and colorful city.

4- Greatest man made structure recorded 1974 edition of world Guinness book of records "Wall of Benin".

My only worry is the fact that when ever I look up any history of Benin on google from other tribes in nigeria and Europeans; they always claim that Benin were involved in translantic slavery which makes me panic a little and that sometimes stops me from talking about our Ancient great Empire because I don't want my peers and black friends in America google it up and think that my ancestors were part of the translantic slavery they suffered in America. 

I know Benins had lower tribes who were our slaves because we were royals and one of the esteemed black royalties but honesty did we ever sell slaves to Europeans ?

I just need an Honest truth and some history about that just to clear facts in my head if that is true or the Europeans are lieing to cover up their destruction of the Benin empire.

Please reply only regarding the slave trade. That's all I need to know if Benins were involved or not.

Thank you.

soke omon